How Do Writers Come Up with Ideas?

Whenever somebody creates something, out of nothing, whether that be an artist, musician or writer, the most common question they will be asked is ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’

Dove Winters Interview With Jim Lowe

DOVE WINTERS "Questions That Matter" Author Interviews HOMEABOUT Questions that Matter with Jim Lowe NOVEMBER 8, 2019 ~ DOVEWINTERS Now, let’s get to know Jim! Come on down, Jim! What would you tell your younger self? You’ve got it all wrong – you don’t know it – but you have.You will keep looking toward the next landmark… Continue reading Dove Winters Interview With Jim Lowe

Writing Your Book Is Just The Beginning.

This post started as just a placeholder for some of my marketing bits and pieces, but then the urge to write something about it struck again. When you set out on your journey to write the book you've always had in you - it all seems so simple - just pick up a pen and… Continue reading Writing Your Book Is Just The Beginning.

Why Audiobooks? There’s a boom in audiobooks going on at the moment. You may not have noticed that yet, because it started in the USA first, but it is now spreading to the UK. There are even adverts on mainstream TV for Audible. The main reason for this is the development of new technology. The… Continue reading Why Audiobooks?

Finishing Touches Prior to Book Launch

From 2014 to 2018 I wrote four books, for a series eventually called the New Reform Quartet. I published the first in the series, New Reform, in August 2019 and I'm now gearing up for the launch of the second book called The ODC (The Online Death Cult) in February 2020. There were a several… Continue reading Finishing Touches Prior to Book Launch

Questions That Matter Interview By Dove Winters with Jim Lowe

Here is a deliberately light-hearted and quirky interview I had with Dove Winters.