I looked for that book I had in me, the one we all have, and years later, I found not one, but a four of them peering back at me from within the dark recesses of my soul.

My debut novel, New Reform is now available to buy on Amazon.

I’m a music lover and fanatical record collector, especially vinyl. I love prog and psych in particular but still have a fondness for blues, folk, a little jazz, and the avant-garde, as the weirder the music gets, the more I like it.

I used to go to hundreds of gigs in my youth, highlights include Zep at Knebworth, Pink Floyd, performing the Wall at Earls Court. I could happily discuss the times I saw Genesis, Yes, Captain Beefheart, Rush, Camel, Steve Hillage, Peter Gabriel, Hawkwind, The Who, Roy Harper, Ozzy, Radiohead at Earls Court and lots of punk gigs in the late 70’s.

In more recent years, I have filmed hundreds of music videos for the vibrant local scene that exists in and around Worcestershire. I even produced many videos for BBC Introducing.

Now I must return to editing the rest of the quartet!